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Uncreation Manifesto
Behold the fell manifestation of thy Uncreation,
Of vacant and hollow expanses and alluring devastation!
From whence the deep depths of thy plane succumb to permutation.
My gaze envelopes its black depths, an unworthy creation.

O’ The grandiosity of thy multiverse, an anomaly to be dispersed.
The Unholy Unmaker, Ultimate Iconoclast, and Disintegrator!
When all has passed, and has regressed,
And the Great Black Mass sighs its last breath,
A breadth-swept range, of my vast,
Voluminous creations will come into form.

Treacherous is this defeat,
And decrepit is this plane’s physique.
The Helpless, failing gods have peaked, the corruption of their fates complete.

At the Precipice where all is bleak,
Into the bereft abyss the cosmos will leap
Infinity, I will deplete,
Eternity, I will defeat.
My Serpentine quintessence slithers,
Into your heavenly world
Coiled, poised, and potent,
Winding through the labyrinth of time,
To constrict the dying world, and
Feel its life force drained.

As the coalescence of this plane accelerates in a calculating clash
The black gulfs of essence will warp and proliferate, initiating collapse

The Physical constants I will alter, and
Stretch them like titan phantasms.
The foundations of all matter and energy, I will collapse.
And drown them in black seas of nothingness

I am the only cosmological constant
All else bends, shifts, and warps to my will
I will become what was, is, and ever will be;
A power beyond all spheres of force and matter, space and time.
I am! Eternity undone!
I am! Existence unmade!


from Hammerûn​:​Monarch of Serpents, released January 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Imperial Conquest Tampa, Florida

In 2009 Imperial Conquest recorded, and released a demo EP titled “The Victorious Arise”. This demo lyrically sets the stage of how the character from the upcoming 2010 “Omnipotence” album arises to his state of power in the first place.Imperial Conquest is focusing on writing material for a debut full length, which it will be release early 2014. ... more


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